Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last Saturday I had a friend call me later in the afternoon to ask me if I could watch her babies that night while her and her husband went on a date night. I said "of course," but was a little sad because I had planned on crafting that night. I then decided that it would be a perfect time to get together my fabric that I got to buy for one of my Christmas gifts and washed and ironed it all. When I got to their house the kids were in a bed so I had the whole night to start my new hexagon quilt. I am using the english paper piecing method and it is so much fun! I have finished a little pile of the hexagons and even put together a flower out of one of them just to see what it would be like to sew them all together. This project is perfect for busy work to do in front of the tv (or sitting at a friends house keeping an eye on the kiddos). Here is a sneak peek at what I have done so far. The fabric is Lakehouse Annie's Farm Stand.

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