Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glitter Project

    I recently found a project on Pinterest that I wanted to try. We are having a few people over for Thanksgiving this year and I wanted to make a few things to decorate. These little glitter pumpkins were perfect!
    So, I was on a mission to find little foam pumpkins about three days after Halloween. Michaels was fresh out so I thought that maybe Walmart would have some fall garlands with little pumpkins. They didn't need to be well done because I was covering them with glitter. Not only did they have little pumpkins, but whole packs of them for only four bucks. They also had really small ones for two dollars. My Walmart also just got a gstudio section with all of the ninety seven cent glitter and stamps. I found great four packs of fall colored glitter and when we went to check up they were 75% off! I was able to pull together ten packs so now I am going to make a few sets of these for some friends.
    I don't have a drill like in the above tutorial but I didn't need one at all. The foam of these pumpkins was very easy to work with. I just pressed the tea lite plastic candle holders down into the foam and cut a perfect size and shape hole for the candles. I used Elmer's spray craft bond which worked perfectly! These were really fun to make and now I think I will find other things to cover in glitter.